Disclaimer: I am NOT Blake Griffin nor am I affiliated with him in any way.
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Anonymous: since blake is a big fan of childish gambino, what's ur favorite song by him? :)

I have a few! Freaks & Geeks or Telegraph Ave.

Anonymous: Have you ever met Blake? Is he nice?

Yes a few times. And yes, he’s very nice!

Anonymous: can you post more candids of blake day to day when available, just really love seeing pics of him out and about!! great blog!

Definitely. Thank you!

Anonymous: Is blake still with subway? I don't see him in any commercials anymore.

No, he is not.

Anonymous: Can u post more gifs? Like of him off the court cuz I see soooo many dunking gifs, they're awesomeness but I love to see him being funny :) if u could I would very much appreciate it

Yeah I’ll try! :) I’ve made a couple that I haven’t posted yet, but I’ll post one in the next few days!